Greaux Events on Achieving Success at Any Age

Greaux Events on Achieving Success at Any Age

At Greaux Events, we have built sustained success as an industry-leading provider of interactive promotions. We have done so by maintaining a diverse and well-rounded team of promotional experts. Our executives come from various backgrounds and age ranges. Many people think that you have to be at the right place at the right time and be the right age in order to find success. However, as our team continues to prove, you can achieve great things at any age. There are plenty of examples throughout history of people who have had great success at every age and in every circumstance of life.

Although their achievements can make the rest of us feel a little inadequate, there have been quite a few huge successes under the age of 15. At five years old, Mozart was already competent on keyboard and violin. As a six-year-old, Shirley Temple starred in “Bright Eyes” and became one of the biggest celebrities in the world. At the tender age of 13, Magnus Carlsen became the second-youngest grandmaster in the history of chess.

Our mid-to-late twenties tend to be a time of searching. Despite, or perhaps even because of this, some of the greatest accomplishments of human history have been registered by people in this age group. Albert Einstein was 26 when he wrote the theory of relativity, while Michelangelo created two of his most celebrated sculptures at 28. At 29 years old, Alexander the Great had already established one of the largest empires of the ancient world.

Some massive successes have come to people later in life. Ray Kroc bought the McDonalds franchise at the age of 53, and quickly built the small chain into a national powerhouse. J.R.R. Tolkien was 62 when The Lord of the Rings was published. Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa at 75.

Greaux Events encourages you to look to the past and draw inspiration from those who achieved great things at any age.