Greaux Events Improves Sleep Quality to Boost Productivity

Greaux Events Improves Sleep Quality to Boost Productivity

When it comes to today’s workforce, the importance of adequate rest does not get the attention it deserves. For instance, our team at Greaux Events was appalled to learn that more than 50% of approximately 30,000 workers in one study reported that they didn’t get enough rest. This results in substantial human error, poor concentration, and a long list of physical and mental health issues. As a result, the lost productivity costs roughly $2,280 per person.

Here are some ways you can promote good sleep habits, and subsequently greater productivity, in your organization:

Make It a Company-Wide Effort: Consider incorporating behavioral and educational programs into the professional and personal development opportunities at your firm. These can include visits with sleep experts, stipends for necessary treatments, and even massages and fitness memberships.

Offer the Right Technology: Encourage everyone to leverage wearable technology to help them analyze and improve their rest patterns, and to help them identify the best time of day to wake. Withings Aura and Sense are useful choices.

Brighten the Office: Natural lighting helps people sleep better at night. For instance, research has found that professionals with windows in their offices receive 173% more white light than their peers, and that they sleep about 46 more minutes per night.

Curb the Use of Mobile Devices After Hours: Mobile devices have a terrible impact on sleep quality. Professionals are often tempted to respond to emails after they’ve arrived home from their offices, and may feel obligated to take work-related calls in the evenings as well. Leaders can curb this tendency by discouraging relevant after-hours communication.

We at Greaux Events hope that you will consider promoting healthy rest patterns as part of your company’s wellness program.