Greaux Events Highlights Entrepreneurial Groups

Greaux Events Highlights Entrepreneurial Groups

If you have helpful connections, it will make all the difference for you as a business leader. For that reason, we at Greaux Events would like to look at a few useful groups that support entrepreneurs. If you want to gain lasting success as a professional, you should think about joining these groups.

Perhaps the most popular firm is Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). EO was founded in 1987 and is known as the thought leader on entrepreneurship. We at Greaux Events frequently look to EO for ideas. When you join this organization, you’ll connect with over 10,000 other founders and take part in a range of learning programs.

If you need discounts on things like travel expenses and business products, FoundersCard is the one for you. This group has over 15,000 members, all of whom go to networking events. Along with travel discounts that will help you get to these events, FoundersCard also gives you markdowns on vehicles, fashion items, and fitness brands.

Vistage is one of the older entrepreneurial organizations, founded in 1957 as a means for founders and CEOs to share ideas and advice. Today, it has more than 18,000 members and holds around 16,000 meetings every year. It’s a great outlet for finding coaches, networking with other founders, and gaining successful insights.

Our team at Greaux Events hopes you to explore these companies for yourself.